C.A.T.S., Int'l. ​​
(Christian Academy, & Tutoring Satellite, International)
P: 870-774-0000, F: 870-774-0040

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C.A.T.S., Int'l.   began as a local campus-based school  with small,  age-appropriate learning centers that provided the type of alternative Christan education that  families seemed to be  searching for at the time. 

Over the course of time, local inquiries began to come in from people who were either unable to enroll in a campus-based school due to a number of reasons including but not limited to, transportation and/or financial concerns, the desire to be more family-focused, or simply desired academic alternatives to over-crowded classrooms, and a variety other reasons.  

As word spread of a good program, inquiries began to come in from outlying areas and eventually even further out into other states. As a result, the academy began meeting those needs by providing an organized program specific to the distant-learning student which included curriculum and tutoring centers. The established program included solid accountability to ensure good, steady and measurable progress of learning. The academy has flourished over the years progressively reaching both national and international families through the Distance-Learning program.  

Many years later,  this full time ministry has maintained a reputation of loving and encouraging families, and caring for and successfully helping to meet the educational needs of children and adults world-wide.