C.A.T.S., Int'l. ​​
(Christian Academy, & Tutoring Satellite, International)
P: 870-774-0000, F: 870-774-0040

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SERVICE   is key to who we are!
With honesty and integrity, standards
are high for both those doing the enrolling, and those enrolled here at the academy. The long-standing staff not only have many years of experience assisting families with individualized academic projections and placement for  children,  but they are people of character who genuinely care about others and work diligently to help find answers and meet academic needs in a timely and  professional manner. We deem it a pleasure to provide our
services to those who put their trust in and partner with us for the private
education of their children. 
There is a wide range   of tuition-based services provided as part of enrollment. Initial paperwork includes transferring of records from previously enrolled accredited schools and/or academies. Permanent accumulative files are efficiently and professionally maintained through graduation, or when records are requested in writing from a forwarding accredited school or academy. Annual curriculum, software, books, student
ID cards, Verification Of Enrollment documentation, tutoring, individualized academic projections, and friendly staff support, are some of the basic services that parents can expect to be
included in tuition.